Bang on!

Banks and banks of humming machinery – I’ve never seen so many knobs!  We’re going to have to do something Charlie.  Try pushing that button there.  No?  How about that one?  No, not that one either.  I know…  I’ll try pushing this one.  Hold my hat would you? – There’s a good fellow…

For your listening pleasure, a normal-speed approximation of my current running music playlist. It is 2 songs short due to song availability issues.  The latest tweak is the addition of two Crystal Method tracks added to nudge the total play time over an hour, and to extend the high energy portion of the list.  The walk interval song, to be inserted between each track, “You & Me” (Nightmares on Wax) was not available so I threw in “One More Kiss, Dear” (Don Percival, not Vangelis) as a substitute, at the end.

Beautiful Burnout is one of my favorite Underworld songs. Haunting.  The minimal lyrics are a bit disturbing perhaps – if you read enough into them, they are probably about watching someone ODing.  On a train.   I only say that because I discovered Underworld through the Trainspotting soundtrack…which had plenty of such moments.

Big Beat (e.g. Propellerheads, Crystal Method) goes well with running.  Designed to maximize the ecstasy-using experience (I’m told…) with its massive sound and building crescendos,  it has a similar comparable energizing effect with regular old exercise-induced endorphins.  Besides, there is something spine tingling about symphonic spy movie soundtrack music overlayed with an driving beat.

(Edit: I have not tested the links in the playlist – no headphones/speakers at the moment.  They are internet-sourced and remote hosted, so no guarantees.)


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