Leapin’ lizards, it’s….

MacOS Ken podcast on 3/23/10:
Internet celeb and Apple tech news podcaster Ken Ray has been plugging a new nostalgia-geek iPhone app he invented and co-developed called Secret Crypto Wonder Badge. You can use it to send & receive simple encrypted messages from your friends, as well as decode messages delivered at the end of his podcast (like on the old radio shows). It’s pretty neat – with your choice of “Steampunk” or “Hi-Tech” interface. On today’s podcast he said that there is a brand new “Gift This App” button on iTunes, in case your friend with whom you wish to play secret-decoder does not have the app, you can buy and (I quote) “send it to your best friend from high school … which is what I just did”. That was me – got it last night. That was…kinda special. We’ve been in an out of touch over the last 20+ years. In fact the Mac he started on was my 128k Mac. With the Belmont Youth News – a monthly one page dot-matrix church bulletin insert for the youth group that we tried to do in “shocking tabloid style”. Using MacDraw and an ImageWriter. Ahh…the cutting edge of WYSIWYG …good times.


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