n00b m00ve

Today I sustained my first motorcycle injury.

Frequently I will go ahead and start the bike in neutral, and let it idle while I put on my gloves.  If parked on a slight slope, or at the gutter edge of a crowned city street as in this case, I will sit on it so that I can have a foot on the brake while my hands are off the handlebar.  But today I failed to get the sequence right – kickstand, switch on, clutch, start, neutral, release clutch, don gloves.  Except I skipped “neutral”.  Possibly because it also works if you do neutral/clutch/switch on/kickstand/start/clutch..or any combination that has either the kickstand up or the transmission in neutral, and the clutch in, when you press start.  I guess “foot on brake” may have helped in this instance as well: I forgot it was not in yet neutral and dumped the clutch right after it turned over.  The bike leaped about 6″, ripped from my unsuspecting hands, died, and then bounced back, jamming my left thumb.  All virtually instantly.  Of course I knew instantly exactly what had happened, gently reprimanded myself for being hasty, and thankful that 1) it only went 6″ since it was facing perpendicular to a busy street, and 2) that my brainf.. mental lapse occurred at 0 mph.

The whole opposable thumb thing is very painful now.  Riding is doable, as long as I use the heel of my hand instead of my thumb-crotch for holding the clutch in at long lights.  But canceling turn signals hurts like a muh.


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