Excerpts from  some interesting conversations about the motorcycle that I’ve had recently.

  1. A silver-haired gentleman in the Home Depot parking lot approaches the bike, squats down with both hands on his knees and examines the engine.
    “Nice looking bike. ” (pronounced back) “That thing water cooled?” he asks, squinting.
    “Yes.  Here’s the radiator, and here you have an oil cooler.”
    “How about that! I said ‘I thought that looked like a water cooled bike’ but I didn’t know they started doing that with bikes!”
    “No really, they’ve been doing it, I dunno, since the seventies.”
    “Oh, well there you go.  I haven’t messed with bikes since the sixties…”
  2. One of the (female) tenants at my office building approaches me as I’m de-helmeting:
    “It’s so nice to finally meet someone with a Ninja like mine!”
    “Thank you.  It’s not a Ninja, though.  It’s a Suzuki SV.”
    “Oh.  Well …mine’s red too….”

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