24 hours in on the V-Strom.  First impressions – totally different beast than the SV. Bigger, heavier, quiet as a sewing machine.  I thought “at least it has the heart of the SV” (same engine). When I started riding it, it seemed more like the heart of a Burgman – lacking in soul and character.  But after a couple of days it is really starting to grow on me.  Every time I see it, walking back towards it while out running errands for example, I get that “new girlfriend” feeling.  Must get rid of the SV so I stop making comparisons! Sewing machine sound needs to be rectified, though. Saving pennies for some pipes.  Unless I get used to it and it becomes a point of pride, as with many V-Strom owners, apparently.

Think of it not s a sewing machine, but as the purring of a giant mechanical cat.


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