The last few summers I have vicariously followed a few of hikers on their Appalachian Trail through-hikes, via  It’s fun to get an update each day of their progress, although hit or miss in finding one who reads like a good adventure novel.  Start off following several, then pare it down to the few that hold your interest.

This year I have discovered this blog to keep me company: Alaska 2010, with its catchy sub title “Steve’s Trip to Alaska 2010”.  Follow Steve as he e-journals and snapshoots his way to Alaska from Seattle on a V-Strom DL650.  It’s not Jack London or Pirsig, but lots of pretty pictures.  And no sponsors, support trucks, comped German bikes, or b-list celebrity riding buddies (although Long Way Round is a must-own favorite).  It’s just Alaska on a V-Strom.  What more could you want?

Thanks to The ATGATT Rat for the find.


One thought on “plug

  1. Glad you’re enjoying it. I admit I’m several days behind in the saga.

    He’s actually from New England, and had the bike shipped out to the Pacific Northwest to begin his journey there.

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