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It’s been nice pretending to have a “stable” of bikes.  I bought the SV 650 last September as a means to get to work.  What I really wanted was a V-Strom, as a means to get to work as well as get out of town.  No good used Stroms were available that week, so I settled for my #2 and fiscally more responsible choice at the time.  The SV turned out to be quite a neat little bike.  It has served its purpose well.  I was not really looking to replace it when I found a used V-Strom at a couldn’t-resist price this spring.  I knew all along that I would have to sell the SV, but we were in the middle of a move at the time.  During the two months of overlap I did not get much ride time on the SV, but it has made the garage a nice place to…well, show off, to be perfectly honest.

The last ride on the SV was moving it from the old house to the new house, two weeks ago.  It reminded me how fun that bike is.  I regret never getting a chance to really wring it out in the mountains, now that I have my twisty legs back.  Before I had ridden either bike, it always thought they were “essentially the same bike” just outfitted differently.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  After riding the V-Strom for a few months, the SV is like climbing on to a roller skate.

I’m rambling.  I’ll miss it.  But I am very happy with the V-Strom. Without further ado:


– 2006 Suzuki SV650
– Performance-wise completely stock, plus a chrome Yoshimura TRS slip-on that makes it sound GREAT.
– 15,300 miles on the odo.
– Never dropped or tipped
– Very well cared for, regular maintenance, garage kept, etc.

$3,700 cash, clean title in hand.

Email me if interested. Located in Lilburn, GA (Atlanta burb). Available evenings and weekends.


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