roots rocks rebel

I haven’t talked about running in a while.  It has been continuing along in the background.  Today’s topic – the heat:

I failed to take in to account how devastating the heat is now, thinking I’d be able to handle it OK in the shade of the wooded trail.  My usual cutoff was historically around 85, but that was when running “out in the open”.  I have been squeezing in most of my weekday runs after work, stopping by Stone Mountain on the way home, once or twice a week.  Last evening it was probably still in the lower 90’s when I ran.  I had to switch to alternate run/walk again just to finish.  I think that will be my last afternoon run till late September or so.  I see a lot more pavement in my future, due to logistics of weekday early morning runs and getting to trails.

Something stung or bit me in the back of the calf, about 2 miles in.  Out of nowhere, felt like being stuck with a white hot xacto knife.  I never saw what it was but man o man did it hurt.  I am thinking wasp or maybe ant.  No real swelling, just pain.  Was able to run on it and an hour or so later it was fine again.  That will teach me to sneak on to the “closed” trail.


The idea was floated by one of the twitter/dailymiler/runbloggers that I follow, that we should try to get together a team for the Ragnar Tennessee Relay coming up this fall.  Read about it here.  “We” being the group of dailymilers who met up (tweetup’d) for a trail run at Stone Mountain a couple of weeks ago that I missed, because it was right in the middle of our move.  Ragnar TN is a 185 mile relay race from Chattanooga to Nashville.  It is embarked upon by teams of 12 runners, each running 3 legs of (on average) 5 miles each (though the legs range from 3 to 9 miles each).  Similar to running three 10ks in 24 hours.  Minus sleep.  It’s supposed to be fun.  I spoke with my brother in law who ran one in Texas last year.  He said the hardest part is not the run but the logistics.  Ragnar seems to have the logistics fairly well oiled, but putting the whole production together even as mere participants does seem a bit daunting.  On top of the training and actually running the thing.  But it does sound like some crazy form of fun, and I am stoked to get involved.  And to be allowed to do it without beating up everyone on my Christmas card list for money.

The list of teams already registered (and past year’s races) shows a shortage of clever team names.  The ball isn’t even rolling on this and already I have a few names banked.  Shyn Splynts (with umlauts, and a Spinal Tap esque font).  Roots Rocks Rebels (my trail running club of 1, for a couple of years now.  After the Clash song – almost.)  Feet of Flames (my kid’s soccer team never goes for that, also for several years now.).


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