Destination: Ozarks – Day 0

Late last month I completed a 4-day 2,000 mile trip that took me through parts of the country I had not visited before.  The inspiration for this trip was a perfect storm of opportunity – I had two weeks all to myself with the wife and kids visiting the beach with friends.  And I was out of my favorite barbecue sauce.  I always thought Shemwell’s Barbecue in Cairo, IL would make a neat turn-around destination for a weekend ride.  The spot is a regional favorite, and my in-laws’ family is from the area.  We would always stop by Shemwell’s when visiting them, or grab a bag of their sandwiches to go when passing through.  I usually stock up on their sauce, a vinegar based finishing sauce, but we have not been there in a couple of years.  The rest of the trip itenerary evolved from “while I am at it I might as well” a) visit my parents in western Missouri, b) ride the Ozarks, which I hear are filled with fantastic roads c) do some motorcycle camping.  By the way, I did not get any pictures.  Much for the same reason one might not have any pictures from one’s honeymoon – having too much fun staying on-task.  And besides, it was way too hot to stop.  Again, like the proverbial honeymoon.

Day 0, Friday, was meant to start with a 6AM departure, but as of late Thursday night I decided to wait on a package (a Corbin Holeshot seat that I wanted to test out on the trip)  and head out in the afternoon.  I knew of a camping place 2 hours out of town, and it would not upset my itinerary too badly.  I ended up attending an out of town meeting for work, since I was waiting on the box anyway.  Then loading up the bike, installing the seat and heading 100 miles down the road in heat of the late afternoon, only to decide that the seat was not going to work for this trip.  More on that later.  I turned around and headed home, to swap seats and start again on Saturday.  Total mileage on the day: 350, and no progress.

Coming soon:

Day 1 – Land Between the Lakes, TN/KY;  Day 2 – El Dorado Springs, Missouri; Day 3 – Newport, Arkansas;  Day 4 – Home

And a review of the Corbin seat.


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