I grok Grok

I started reading Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint Fitness book last night.  The teaser free ebook, anyway.  It is another “caveman diet” but I have not versed myself well enough on caveman diets to call it just another caveman diet.  It is interesting – and more or less meshes with my current workout regimen, except for the long runs, but with a different back story or metaphor basis.  Based on mostly moderate lower-HR workouts 3-4 hours a week, with some core strength and one session of explosive sprint work per week.    It is less quantitative than most similarly structured workouts, and more intuitive, with plenty of emphasis on core exercises (which I’ve been neglecting), and “fractal” instead of linear progression.  The working metaphor is to exercise and eat like a hunter-gatherer would.  It’s how our bodies were designed or evolved to work.  The free e-book touches on diet (which in no way meshes with the way I eat, just yet), but is mostly about the approach to fitness.

Which led me back to….

Let me go on record for suggesting (predicting, dare I?) the next trend in almost-barefoot running:  Moccasins.  When I first started hearing about the barefoot trend and Vibram Five Fingers, I thought “neat idea” but also found (an article that said) that trail running has many of the same foot/ankle/joint benefits and natural musculoskeletal cushioning & self-correcting form that were being touted by the barefooters.  So I embarked on/stuck with trail running.  Jump to today, 2 years later, and V5F are everywhere.  I see them almost daily at the park where I run.  It has become a fad beyond just trend.  Alleged benefits aside, I would have to become a naysayer just to stay off the bandwagon.  However (I thought months ago) what about natural leather moccasins?  I have yet to see that, out on the running road.  I have not googled it, to avoid the embarassment of being way behind a curve.  But it seems like a natural evolution of a trend.  Reading Sisson’s “what would Grok do” approach to diet and fitness reminded me of this, so I thought I would put it out there.  And start shopping for some mocassins.


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