AT trail notes – day 2

6:00 wake up

6:22 get up

7:50 leave camp start walking

8:44 -9-00 water stop at Deep Gap (met The Kid and Sierra)

10:30 Dick’s Creek Gap road crossing – snack break (~5 miles)

11:00 leave Dick’s Creek Gap

1:15 Plumorchard Gap, lunch break, nap, water-up (~9.5 mi)

3:25 left Plumorchard

5:05 Ga/Nc state line

5:15 Bly Gap – 14 miles total


I met a few guys and ended up walking with them off and on for most of the day. I don’t think they were together before the trail, but have formed a hiking group. One of the guys, “The Kid” has just graduated from high school and is trying to finish the trail, having hiked the northern 600 miles with his grandfather when he was 13. Turns out he is going to Berea College, went to West Jessamine high school, and is from Wilmore KY. Small world. (my parents lived in Wilmore in the 90’s and my sister went to Jessamine and Berea…)  Today had a lot if climbs. I went off and left one of my buff bandanas at the lunch stop. Now settled in at Bly Gap on top of a ridge next to this amazing ancient oak tree that everybody takes a picture of.

I walked with The Kid and Richard (trailname Sierra, as of this evening) from my first water stop, as far as Dicks Creek gap. There Reed and Thunder (Jason) caught up to us. I left first. They caught back up to me as I was finishing my lunch break. I went ahead again, and they arrived at Bly Gap camp about 45 minutes after me.  Thunder (due to his prodigious snoring during last Thursday’s thunder/hail storm) rolled in an hour after the rest of the group, nursing a sore (rolled?) ankle.  Also an older gentleman going by Tex was shadowing the group, hitting the same camp spots each day.

Also, as of 5:05 PM I have completed one whole state on the AT:

…section by weekend sized section


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