Hike Anxiety

Tomorrow I hit the trail – well, a trail – for what will be the longest solo hike I’ve ever done.  7 days, 96 miles.  Not only will I be hiking solo, but on a very remote trail.    Much less populated, trafficked and blazed than the AT.  GPS uplink emergency bailout gadgets are in hand.  But still.  Packing just completed – 28.4 lbs.  Added since the last hike: windbreaker, longjohns (mainly for an extra dry layer), but most of the added weight is a larger pantry.   I did purchase a smaller silnylon tarp that weighs 1/2lb less than my Claytor Small, but at the last minute have switched back to the larger heavier option.  The weather calls for 30-40% chance of scattered thunderstorm for the next 5 or 6 days at least.  There is a chance I will be setting up camp in the rain more than once, so I could use the extra coverage and “porch” space provided by the larger tarp.  Lows in the low 60’s, highs just touching 90.   Half of my food is in a padlocked metal ammo box which will be hidden somewhere along the way near the half-way point.  The road crossing is conveniently right on the way to my drop-off point.

Here goes.


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