[The below entry was languishing in my drafts folder since the day after my hike. How did that happen?]

I’m glad I kept the journal. It helps bring it back. Once I got home last night, it’s as if I went instantly numb to this week’s experience. Everything seemed “just as it was” and I had trouble recalling, even making myself recall the emotions that were experienced this week. But today as I was rereading and typing up my journals, it brought it all back. And a little bit of it sticks with me. It easier to recall those feelings, looking at the words on the page in the handwriting if the moment.

It took a couple of days to click in, to get over the hump of the usual parameters of a long weekend hike, where the end is always in view. On a long hike, the bigger picture, while still there, gives way to a greater awareness of the present. But most of all, the much bigger picture, namely the weight of the world, disappears and it becomes just about this, the hike. Your world is reduced to “this is what I am doing now” and “this is what I’ll be doing tomorrow” and “This is how much water I need”. And that’s really about it.


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